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We are currently recruiting wonderful people to join our great team of volunteers! The vast majority of
last year’s volunteers had such a fun time they are volunteering with us again! You can join in on the
fun because we still need more volunteers to make the event happen smoothly.

Click HERE to sign up to Volunteer!

When you fill out the form you can tell us what you want to do, or admit you don’t know what would be a good fit for you. You can also let us know when you are available for volunteering. Our Volunteer Coordinator will get in touch with you!

Here is a list of volunteer positions we need filled:

  • Course Marking: We need a large crew of people to mark the three different ride routes with arrows and signs on Friday June 9th, the day before the event.
  • Safety Flaggers: We need teams of people stationed at key locations along the routes to waive flags alerting cyclists where to turn, or when it is safe to cross the street.
  • Set-Up and Clean-Up:We need people to help with setting up the day before, and tearing down on Saturday evening.
  • SAG (“Supply and Gear”): We need people to drive around the three ride routes and help riders in distress (such as flat tires or they need a ride back to the church), and to pick up stragglers.
  • Food: We need people to make and serve food.
  • Registration: We need a large team of people to assemble registration packets before the ride,and check in riders at either Friday night packet pick-up, or on Saturday morning. Registration people will also help with distributing tees to riders and volunteers, and will manage meal tickets for the gourmet lunch at the after party.
  • Bicycle Parking: We need people to help with bicycle parking.
  • Music: We need musicians to play at our after party; if you aren’t a musician perhaps you can help us locate musicians that are willing to donate their time and talents? We also need someone to “play DJ”; that can mean either actually being a DJ, or just creating a playlist for music to be playing on our sound system throughout the day.
  • Marketing & Promotions: We need people to help promote the ride locally and beyond. We would love to get written up in the Press Democrat or other newspaper.
  • Photos: We need photographers with high-powered cameras that can take fast action shots(cyclists move fast!) to take pictures of the event.
  • Videographer: It would be great if someone could record and produce a video of the ride to use to promote the ride next year!

All volunteers get a free, gorgeous tee shirt, and they get fed! If you can help, please email volunteer@incarnation100.org. Thank you!!